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WF-05 washing machine filter | Protect clothes from hard water

WF-05 washing machine filter | Protect clothes from hard water

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Is hard water taking a toll on your washing machine?

Using hard water in washing machine can lead to limescale build up inside the washing machine. Overtime this can result in breakdown and maintenance requirement. Hardness in water also makes detergent ineffective that means water does not lather and produces scum which make clothes dull. <br>

How does it work?

RiverSoft WF-05 washing machine filter contains SILIPHOS to prevent scale and prevent corrosion. Hard water leads to crystallization of carbonates or sulfates of magnesium or calcium on the surface. RiverSoft works by releasing low levels of polyphosphates into the water which interfere with crystal growth, as well as by forming a protective layer of Iron-Calcium-Phosphates along the inner surfaces which deters the deposition and formation of scale. Polyphosphates have also been found to not only inhibit scale formation, but also help remove existing hard deposited carbonate or sulphate scale.

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