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TFC Replacement cartridge for kitchen Faucet Filter

TFC Replacement cartridge for kitchen Faucet Filter

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RiverSoft TFC Tap Filter Cartridge contains activated carbon which is very effective in removing dust, chlorine and harmful organic matter from the water

  • WHY FILTER WATER? – Water is generally stored in tanks on the terrace where it develops a pungent smell. It also contains potential harmful pollutants gathered on the way through pipes. Tap water feels unsafe to be used directly for any purpose. Frequent washing of hand in kitchen causes them to become dry.
  • The Activated carbon filter removes Chlorine, harmful organic matter and removes bad odour from the water. It can be safely used for washing vegetables, utensils. It reduces the effect of hard water and chemicals on hands.
  • EASY TO INSTALL (SELF INSTALLATION) - It includes a set of universal fittings for easy installation on any kinds of kitchen or bathroom faucet. Please check product manual for installation.
  • Box Contains- 1 x Tap Filter Cartridge. Each cartridge will last for 6 months. If your water has higher impurity level then cartridge would need to be changed more often.
  • CONTACT US - Please contact our customer support team at or call us at 9886220746 – (Working hours - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon to Fri).
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