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SFC-15 PRO Shower and tap filter cartridge for hard water | Replacement filter

SFC-15 PRO Shower and tap filter cartridge for hard water | Replacement filter

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Are you worried about your hair-fall? Are you facing skin related problems? Have you tried to clean your water? 

RiverSoft SF-15 PRO shower filter will make your water clean and free from harmful chemicals. Our water contains a number of harmful chemicals and impurities such as Chlorine, Chloramine, hard salts, heavy metals, bacteria etc which can impact our health. Chlorine inhalation is a common problem in shower and leads to respiratory problems; Chlorine and hard salts like calcium, fluorides kills the skin protein, making the skin dry and leads to scalp flakiness which makes hair dull and weak.

RiverSoft removes chlorine, heavy metals and hard salts protecting skin and hair and by using best quality materials enriches water with essential minerals. With Vitamin C and alkaline ball it sets the pH right to nourish hair and skin. The RiverSoft shower filters helps to 

Reduces hair-fall and improves quality of hair 

RiverSoft uses NSF approved KDF technology to reduce chlorine to non-harmful form. Calcium sulphite used, is extremely good in removing chlorine in hot showers. Vitamin C help the hair maintain its natural color and look 

Prevents skin dryness

KDF and active carbon prevents chlorine from damaging your skin. It also prevents hard salts to form deposit on skin. Mineral balls enrich water and provide essential nutrients to the skin. Vitamin C with the “Antioxidant Property” helps to neutralize free radicals found in water 

Prevents bacteria 

Bacteria and other microbes can colonize your showerhead and pose a health hazard. KDF and active carbon have anti-bacterial properties – so it inhibits their growth and keep your shower clean

Removes bad odour

With multi stage filtration, chlorine is reduced to <99% and hence the after-shower “bleaching” powder smell that emanates, is also reduced.

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