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Shower filter with tap | Protect from hard water | complete bath set

Shower filter with tap | Protect from hard water | complete bath set

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RiverSoft SF-15 PRO shower filter will make your water clean and free from harmful chemicals. Shower water contains a number of harmful chemicals and impurities such as Chlorine, hard salts, heavy metals, bacteria etc which can impact our health. Chlorine inhalation is a common problem in shower and leads to respiratory problems; Chlorine and hard salts like calcium and magnesium carbonates kills the skin protein, making the skin dry and leads to scalp flakiness which makes hair dull and weak. RiverSoft reduces harmful effect of chlorine, heavy metals and hard salts protecting skin and hair and by using best quality materials enriches water with essential minerals. With Vitamin C and alkaline balls it sets the pH right to nourish hair and skin.

  • WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FALLING HAIR AND DRY SKIN - Use RiverSoft proprietary technology in your shower to get rid of your water woes
  • PUIRIFIES YOUR WATER AND PROTECTS YOUR SKIN AND HAIR - SF-15 PRO shower filter with 15 stages contains the right combination of high purity KDF, Calcium Sulphite, Active Carbon and Vitamin C which neutralizes harmful Chlorine. It also removes harmful organic matter and dilutes hard salts and has anti-bacterial effect. Mineral stones and alkaline ball – recharges water with minerals and sets the pH just right to smoothen your skin and hair.
  • EASY TO INSTALL (SELF INSTALLATION DIY) – The filter has universal ½ inch inlet and outlet for direct installation to all kind of showers. For tap installation, a connector may be required. Contact customer care for connector requirement.
  • HIGH CAPACITY – Each cartridge will last for 40,000 litres of water (or about 6 months). If your water has higher impurity level then cartridge would need to be changed more often. It wont reduce existing water pressure
  • Box contains - 1 x Filter Housing , 1 x Cartridge, 1*Tap, 1*22mm female adapter, 1x Teflon Tape , 2 x Silicon Seal ,1 x User’s Manual. Recommended for water qualities below 1000 TDS.
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