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Shower and tap filter for with 15 stage and washing machine filter for hard water

Shower and tap filter for with 15 stage and washing machine filter for hard water

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Are you worried about hard water issues in your house? Is it causing hairfall issues. Is it ruining your clothes in the washing machine. Try RiverSoft proprietory technology to get rid of water woes! This is a Combo pack of RiverSoft Shower filter and RiverSoft Washing machine filter for protection against hard water. RiverSoft SF-15 PRO shower filter will make your water clean and free from harmful chemicals. Shower water contains a number of harmful chemicals and impurities such as Chlorine, Chloramine, hard salts, heavy metals, bacteria etc which can impact our health. Chlorine inhalation is a common problem in shower and leads to respiratory problems; Chlorine and hard salts like calcium, fluorides kills the skin protein, making the skin dry and leads to scalp flakiness which makes hair dull and weak. RiverSoft removes chlorine, heavy metals and hard salts protecting skin and hair and by using best quality materials enriches water with essential minerals. With Vitamin C and alkaline ball it sets the pH right to nourish hair and skin. RiverSoft WF-05 washing machine filter contains SILIPHOS to work on hard water salts. It works by releasing low levels of polyphosphates into the water. These polyphosphates work on the calcium and magnesium salts and render them ineffective. This leads to better lather formation and even lesser use of detergent. The filtering medium also interferes with crystal growth by forming a protective layer of Iron-Calcium-Phosphates along the inner surfaces and deters the deposition and formation of scale. Polyphosphates have also been found to not only inhibit scale formation, but also help remove existing hard deposited carbonate or sulphate scale.

  • Troubled with hard water issues. Use RiverSoft proprietary technology in your home to get rid of your water woes.
  • PURIFIES YOUR WATER AND PROTECTS YOUR SKIN AND HAIR - SF-15 PRO shower filter with 15 stages contains the right combination of high purity KDF, Calcium Sulphite, Active Carbon and Vitamin C which neutralizes harmful Chlorine. It also removes harmful organic matter and dilutes hard salts and has anti-bacterial effect. Mineral stones and alkaline ball – recharges water with minerals and sets the pH just right to smoothen your skin and hair
  • PURIFIES WATER AND PROTECTS YOUR WASHING MACHINE FROM LIMESCALE DEPOSITS - Silicon Phosphate in the filter prevents crystal growth from hard water salts and removes existing hard deposited carbonate and sulphate scale
  • EASY TO INSTALL (SELF INSTALLATION) – The filter has universal ½ inch inlet and outlet for direct installation to all kind of showers. For tap installation, please provide tap image on whatsapp enabled call customer support
  • CONTACT US - Please contact our customer support team at or call us at 9886220746 – (Working hours - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon to Fri)
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