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SSF-15 Shower with shower filter | Complete bath set | Protect from hard water

SSF-15 Shower with shower filter | Complete bath set | Protect from hard water

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RiverSoft Shower set - It comes with SF-15 shower filter with overhead shower and shower arm. This will help you replace the existing blocked shower piece. Now get filtered water in high capacity rain shower.

  • BUY SHOWER WITH SHOWER FILTER - High pressure rain shower head, Shower arm with shower filter for rejuvenating shower experience
  • WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FALLING HAIR AND DRY SKIN - Use RiverSoft proprietary technology in your shower to get rid of your water woes
  • PUIRIFIES YOUR WATER AND PROTECTS YOUR SKIN AND HAIR - SF-15 PRO shower filter with 15 stages contains the right combination of high purity KDF, Calcium Sulphite, Active Carbon and Vitamin C which neutralizes harmful Chlorine. It also removes harmful organic matter and dilutes hard salts and has anti-bacterial effect. Mineral stones and alkaline ball – recharges water with minerals and sets the pH just right to smoothen your skin and hair
  • EASY TO INSTALL (SELF INSTALLATION) – No tools required. Will fit on existing shower arm
  • CONTACT US - Please contact our customer support team at or call us at 9886220746 – (Working hours - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon to Fri). Box contains - 1 x Filter Housing , 1 x Cartridge, 1x Overhead Shower, 1* Shower arm, 1x Teflon Tape , 1 x User’s Manual.
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