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Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser| Table Top | Suitable for Office & Home

Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser| Table Top | Suitable for Office & Home

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Introducing the RiverSoft Electric Hot, Cold, and Normal Water Dispenser – a cutting-edge solution for your hydration needs. Crafted with precision by the trusted RiverSoft brand, this dispenser offers the convenience of instant hot and cold water at your fingertips, complemented by a refreshing normal water option. With a user-friendly interface and reliable electric cooling system, this dispenser is designed for efficiency and ease

  • HOT, COLD, NORMAL: Water dispenser has 3 taps for hot, cold, and normal water, suitable for office and kitchen.
  • IDEAL CAPACITY: The hot water dispensed from this dispenser is 5 Liters per hours in range of 85-95 degree. It has electronic cooling which cools the water at 0.75 Liters per hours in range of 10-15 degree C.
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: A fantastic feature is its compact tabletop-mounted, top-loading design because of which it can be kept even in small areas.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Its body made of ABS ensures durability, strength, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance and side plates are galvanized sheet iron.
  • USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: It utilizes an advanced electronic cooling system for reliable and consistent cooling performance. Equipped with a functional LED indicator and have dip tray.
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