Why use a RiverSoft Shower filter?

Why use a RiverSoft Shower filter?

Most of us don’t know what our water contains. A lot of studies have confirmed that chlorine and hard water are among the leading cause of hair fall, dry skin and other dermatological conditions. Water also contains large number of organic matter that enter water through pipes. Residual Chlorine combines with these to form harmful chemicals known as DBPs. All these impurities in the water affect the health of your hair and skin. You might have changed shampoos, conditioners, cream and even paid multiple visits to clinics, spending a bomb.

Let us look at what these impurities do to our body. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in water. It works wonderfully well and has been in use from a long time. WHO recommended Chlorine level in water is 0.2 to 0.5 mg/L. While drinking this water will not cause any increase in Chlorine intake but shower the intake becomes significantly high even with this concentration of Chlorine. In shower Chlorine turns into gaseous form and enters our body through respiratory system and eyes. It becomes even more harmful in hot water bath where most of the Chlorine coverts to gaseous form. The presence of Chlorine in shower has same effect on body that we have after swimming in chlorinated water. It makes our hair dry and strips the skin of protecting layer. This leads to hair-fall and skin related diseases and sometimes even respiratory illness.

The second biggest harmful substance in water is hard water. It is one of the biggest problems especially in Indian cities. Hard water contains salts such as calcium, magnesium which leaves a residue on the skin and makes the skin feel dry and irritated. Hard water can also leave hair feeling dry and looking dull, and causes scalp flakiness. Over time, this may cause hair to break more easily and could increase unwanted frizz. It becomes clear how important it is to ensure that water that we use in the showers is filtered before being used.

RiverSoft SF-15 shower filter with 15 stages has the right combination of materials that ensure that the shower water is safe. It contains high purity KDF which reduces chlorine to non-harmful form. It also contains Calcium Sulphite which also works on the Chlorine to neutralize it. Calcium sulphite is extremely good at higher temperature which means it works in the hot showers as well. It also has a much longer life compared to KDF. Organic matter combines with Chlorine to form DBPs. It is removed using activate carbon.

Water is recharged with essential minerals using mineral balls and stones. One of the distinctive feature of 15 stage filter is Vitamin C layer. Vitamin C works as anti-oxidant and helps to neutralize free radicals in the water. It makes the hair and skin look smooth and rich. The alkaline balls work together with Vitamin C to set the right pH for the water. What sets RiverSoft apart it has gone through rigorous experiments to find the right combination of materials. The effect will start getting visible in one or two showers itself.

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